When the purpose of building a mutual fund portfolio is to look out for your best interests, the investing philosophy becomes simple: invest only in quality entities that we firmly believe have excellent growth potential while trying to minimize downside. This is our foundation for building mutual funds.

Client service is not just important to us; it is the legacy upon which we built Cavanal Hill Funds. You’ll find all of our portfolio managers accessible and approachable, and for good reason: they’re helping you invest your money. Should it be any other way? The same managers oversee both our strategies and mutual fund offerings, which means you receive the same level of exceptional service that every client does.

Perseverance through decades of market volatility has shaped our values, disciplined our methodologies and taught us to be pragmatic, willing to forego immediate wants in favor of potential gain and steady, long-term growth. We put all of this experience on the table for you, with the goal that you may have the best possible investment experience.